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Although blogspot (blogger) has changed a lot through the years (especially since I last used it) I never thought it was possible to change the layout of the blog this easily as I found out to be.

You just need to follow the next few steps

Step 1 –  Find the theme you prefer for your blog

Step 2 – Download it topically to your hard drive dis, using the “download” link. If it is a .zip file unzip it and use the .txt (or .xml file)

Step 3 – Log on to your Blogger account if you haven’t already done so. Now you’re at your Dashboard. Click on the “layout” link to your blog.

Step 4 – Click on the “Edit HTML” link under the “Template” tab.

Step 5 – Open the .txt (or .xml) file with a text editor

Step 6 – Click on the “Expand Widget Template” box. Delete everything in the template box and replace it with all the text in the “.txt” file that you just opened.

Save your changes and Voila! You just changed your template.

Note: Before you use the template preview your changes so as to be sure you are satisfied.

Some sites to visit for some free templates are the followings: